Sulabh Vyapar is a Small Business Credit/Debit Accounting App that lets a business owner to keep complete control of his business pending payments, in a simple, secure and smart way.


You can change only your profile picture in settings.Incase you want to update other details you can raise a complaint of Profile edit & submit the correction details.
Its very easy ,you just need to open customer list & select the customer of transaction , you have to credit or debit amount .Fill the given fields & submit to make you transaction complete.
Its very simple type the aadhaar number correctly in search customer module & result is infront of you.If the search aadhaar number is not available you can add that new customer.
You can get all your customer transaction report in report module. Click on required report & choose the period of statement required.
Its simple & very easy .Just click on setting then “Get In Touch” .Or you can call on 8856098156,our customer executive will solve your isuue at earliest.